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What is OnePlace?

OnePlace is a Client Intelligence solution which helps Professional Services firms build stronger relationships with clients by providing a complete suite of tools and resources, designed for humans, tailored to your firm’s needs, available anywhere in the world.

Built on Salesforce™

OnePlace is built on the Salesforce™ platform which is secure, reliable, and fast. The Salesforce™ Cloud infrastructure beneath OnePlace has been fine-tuned over the past 10 years, and powers 120,000 businesses, running more than 185,000 applications, that 3 million users count on every day.

Cloud software

OnePlace is a Cloud-based client intelligence solution which enables it to be implemented and upgraded instantly, available anywhere, and because it sits on Salesforce’s™ Force.com™ infrastructure it has enterprise grade security built in. OnePlace integrates with all your internal systems including exchange, time & billing, function, publications and event management tools, HR systems and many more.

OnePlace, built for Professional Services


Uncover client relationships in OnePlace, monitor the performance of your clients via dashboard reports, collaborate on potential matters and deals, and view your deal pipeline on the go, wherever you are.


Managing your key accounts is simply easier and more effective in OnePlace. Create custom dashboards to monitor client intelligence and performance, build workflows to support your internal processes and manage experience relative to matters.



Managing projects, stakeholders and contacts in OnePlace just makes sense.
Record project custom details, assign contacts to the project, capture dealings/activities, and collaborate on projects and access all of this from anywhere, anytime.


More than ever is there a need for you to understand your clients, prospects and their contacts. In OnePlace, on any device you can keep up-to-date with your contacts, record meeting details, build proposals, capture your experience and much more.

The Power of OnePlace

Business development time needs to be effective, so give your firm a single place to find Client Intelligence rather than multiple systems to jump between to get the whole picture. Make it easier for your rainmakers and potential rainmakers to see “at a glance” what’s happening with contacts and clients, all in OnePlace.

OnePlace seamlessly integrates with your firm’ systems to share the knowledge you already have, easily, and in context of your people’s clients and contacts.

Power of OnePlace

360 degree view of client and company details in OnePlace

360 degree client view

Here at OnePlace we understand that all your firm information to do with clients resides in several different systems, and that this data rarely comes together to give you a complete view of those interactions with your people.

Thanks to the suite of OnePlace integration tools and simple user interface, you can have a complete view of your clients and contacts and every touchpoint they have with your firm. Events, planned and adhoc meetings, events and functions, publications viewing, work potential matters, matters and tenders. All visible to your people, all in OnePlace.

  • Stay aware of any contact’s interactions with your firm
  • Easily see where contact relationships exist with your colleagues
  • Keep up-to-date with contacts moving role or company

Easy relationship management

OnePlace integrates with your calendar appointments (Outlook, Gmail) so it knows when you’re planning to meet with clients and makes it easy for you to record meeting action items, reminders to follow up or create and refer potential matters on your smartphone or tablet. 

  • Quickly and easily manage catch ups with your contacts
  • Look up contact’s details and activity on your phone or tablet on your way to a meeting
  • Record notes and actions after a meeting on your phone or table

OnePlace Outlook Integration details

Easy relationship management with OnePlace

Event Management made easy with OnePlace

Event targeting
Invitation management
Event management
Automated Followup

Event management suite

Every step of the event management process is managed in OnePlace and customised to meet your firm’s needs. Automated workflows and notifications can help support your existing processes and ensure you get the most out of the networking opportunities your events provide. Statistics and reporting on events is completely configurable and can be automated to the needs of your firm.

  • Email marketing product integration for seamless event RSVPs (Concep, MailChimp, Vuture etc.)
  • Bulk manage your post-event actions to remind hosts, and who to follow up 
  • List management including fast and easy sharing for approvals with event sponsors
  • QR code application allows event coordinators to generate QR codes for name tags which can be scanned to automatically mark their RSVP status in OnePlace
  • Plan and manage event activities (templated tasks built into workflows)

Credentials, experience & tender automation

With the OnePlace Proposal Builder you can pull together practice-specific profiles for a team of individuals, practice groups and matters in minutes, then export it all easily to your firm or client specific template.

Build detailed experience descriptions against matters with information populated from your time & billing system (thanks to a connection with our OneLink integration). Manage all your firm’s experience in OnePlace to ensure you’re using the latest text and producing your draft quicker than ever.

  • Build any number of practice-specific lawyer profiles
  • Build matter-based experience integrated with your time & billing system
  • Plan and track the entire tender lifecycle, including panel arrangements
  • Quickly draft tenders and proposals then track their progress and outcomes
  • Customise tender dashboards to track firm, practice and client tender activity
Proposal Builder - Find Disclosable Matters and Customise
Proposal Builder - Find Experience and Credentials
Proposal Builder - Proposal developed and read for Word

OnePlace Proposal Builder - Template from Word

Find deals and matters
Find Experience
Proposal builder®
Refine in Word

Social collaboration

Connect employees to work together across organisational and geographical boundaries. Collaborate on ideas, potential matter, service levels, email marketing and projects.
Building a “one firm” relationship with an important client means internal communication and visibility needs to be easy and available anywhere. OnePlace offers the world-class social features of Chatter built directly into it, so your team members located in the next office or on the other side of the world can share and collaborate in real-time about client strategies and ideas.

  • Real-time feeds to keep up to date on discussions
  • Recommends relevant people and information for you to follow based on your activity and interests. 
  • Post to a client or group, update an opportunity from any mobile device. Stay productive and in the loop wherever you are.


Complete suite of mobile apps for any device

Take OnePlace wherever you go.
Access all your OnePlace client intelligence through our suite of intuitively designed native apps for IOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows.

Accessing OnePlace on any of these apps enables you to:

  • View dashboards/reports
  • Determine details of upcoming and historical meetings
  • Record notes about meetings
  • Refer work to other members of your firm
  • Update contact details

OnePlace works on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Windows Phone

OnePlace built on Platform as a Service Force.com

Cloud convenience and availability

Cloud computing is IT anywhere.  It’s removing the barrier and costs of on-premise hardware, system (often out-of-date) software, and business continuity risks.  With OnePlace your business needs and processes driven by technology can be seamlessly delivered as services to your people in the Cloud. OnePlace offers an entire platform of services for you to build solutions for your business tailored to your evolving needs.

What’s performance like with OnePlace?

You can track specific performance of OnePlace in your regions through the SalesForce™ system status dashboard, but with clearly defined service level agreements and an average 99.9% uptime, you can be confident your people are getting the best service possible.


Enterprise grade security

OnePlace provides the highest Service Level Agreement for data security, privacy, integrity and high availability to your client intelligence than any service currently available for professional services firms.
Key security features:

  • Data Encryption while in transit (SSL) and at rest
  • ISO 27001 compliant 
  • Single sign on with MS Active Directory supported, as well as two-factor authentication with RSA SecureID or Digital Certificates Find out more 
  • Connection to the OnePlace environment is via SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0, using global step-up certificates from Verisign, ensuring that our users have a secure connection from their browsers to our service
  • Individual user sessions are identified and re-verified with each transaction, using a unique token created at login
  • Privacy compliance 
  • Disaster recovery and backup 
  • Multi-tenancy whitepaper (KPMG) Read the whitepaper now

Third party technology integrations

It’s critical for a client intelligence solution to work with other complementary applications to provide a complete picture of your client intelligence. OnePlace has complete access to a comprehensive and active marketplace through the Salesforce™ AppExchange which you can browse for detailed information about add-on apps, some free and some at a fee as developed by customers, partners and even some by the OnePlace team. Here is a sample of integrations being used by many of our professional service firm customers:

OnePlace links to the AppExchange 

OnePlace Partners

In developing OnePlace, we took guidance from a number of great partners in the industry to ensure that, in addition to providing our own value, OnePlace also complemented their product offering.

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