Contacts and Companies

Manage all your important contacts and company details in OnePlace, connected to every interaction your firm has with them, accessible on your tablet or phone, wherever you are.

  • Quickly and easily manage catch-ups with your valuable contacts
  • Look up a contact’s details and activity on your phone or tablet on your way to a meeting
  • Record notes and actions after a meeting on your phone or tablet

Automated Relationship Insights

The OnePlace relationship map visualizes the relationships your firm has with its clients and prospects. More than just known-by information, the map displays other relationships that are captured such as board members, previous employers etc. You can filter to show a subset or only certain types of relationships.

OnePlace allows you to easily and rapidly consume relationship data so you can identify important existing relationships as well as gaps when trying to win new work.

Opportunity Pipelines

OnePlace helps you focus on what’s important with opportunity pipelines that highlight the key people and 3rd parties involved, the specific stages for your deal/project and who you're competing against. Assign and track tasks and activities as they happen and receive updates when action is needed.

  • Build individual, industry or practice pipelines to collaborate with colleagues on opportunities
  • Link one or many proposals to a single opportunity
  • Create multiple opportunities under a single parent opportunity - perfect for major projects or complex transactions

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