Data quality tools

“Data quality is the yeast in the bread of a growing business. Without it, there’s no chance of rising to the top, and you’re left with a sad little cracker of revenue.”

– Salesforce

Your firm’s data changes at an incredible rate. It can be incredibly valuable if it’s well managed but erode confidence or damage your firm if it’s not.

We understand how important data quality is, which is why we automate as much as possible through broad-reaching integrations and automation, but not everything can be, so we also provide some easy-to-use tools for our OnePlace users because often the richest source of data is your people.

Data Quality Tools

We provide a range of tools which help firms identify and then improve the primary elements of data quality to help firms work with the highest quality data.

  • Age of contacts and company data
  • Completeness of all records
  • Accuracy of contact and company data
  • Consistency of data e.g. formatting phone numbers and addresses
  • Duplication of records e.g. contacts, companies, matters
  • Usage if data – is anyone finding it valuable?

Data integrations

Trying to incorporate many data integrations can become expensive, inefficient and risky. OnePlace provides a lightweight integration platform to make data integration easy. Our best-of-breed data integration tools have been proven and trusted in over 60 production deployments in the United Kingdom, USA, and across the Asia Pacific region.