Major client management

The OnePlace major client dashboards help align your firm with your biggest clients to keep everyone focused on improving and expanding your firm’s services.

Use OnePlace to grow your firm’s biggest and most valuable clients.

Say goodbye to client strategy documents that get reviewed once or twice a year, and say hello to major client dashboards in OnePlace. Bring together valuable data on relationships and touch points with key clients and combine it with specific actions for individuals.

Major client management

Major client groups

  • Manually create targeted groups of major clients and prospects, or automatically group companies, for example based on fees, industries or locations.
  • Manage access to ensure users only see relevant and appropriate information.
  • Keep teams aligned on which clients and prospects to focus on.

Major client dashboards

  • Analytics help understand the impact of marketing and business development activities.
  • Set business goals and objectives for each client.
  • Set relationship targets and assign responsibilities.
  • Keep your client teams aligned and focused on growing your relationships.