Reports and dashboards

Automate reports

Create a great looking dashboard to measure high-level progress or a detailed report for a more granular view to understand exactly what’s going on based on real-time data. OnePlace includes out-of-the-box dashboards and reports so you can spend less time looking for information and more time turning insight into action.

Easy for anyone to build

Let anyone in your firm create dashboards and reports for their unique requirements, when they need them. Permissions are easily controlled and once those amazing reports are built, they can be shared with anyone or only with a small group.

Tailored to your audience

Whether your reports are for you, shared with partners or the management team, the OnePlace web interface and the Salesforce1 mobile app offer access anytime, anywhere. Check on your key business metrics and get the information your team needs faster, anywhere, anytime.

Reports and dashboards at your fingertips

Reports and Dashboards