IMHO … Why I think OnePlace has a unique position in professional services CRM

  • Posted by: Barbara Ozimic

I made the leap from the client side to the vendor side of the legal MarTech space around nine months ago and now have a few client projects at OnePlace under my belt. During this time, my perception of what’s achievable for legal and professional services firms with regards to CRM technology, and OnePlace Client Lifecycle Management specifically, has changed considerably. Marketing and Business Development departments no longer have to cobble together on-premise and best of breed applications. New solutions allow MarTech folks to deliver comprehensive information and capabilities to their firms and professionals quickly.

As I keep having similar conversations with different people about the product I work with, I thought I’d share my view here as well. IMHO the unique position OnePlace has in the professional services CRM marketplace is twofold.

Breadth of Features

First, its breadth of features. It’s not just a CRM system. OnePlace has most of the features, such as experience, campaign management, etc., that firms need for their marketing technology platform all under one roof. Firms could choose a strategy to select best of breed products for each of those functions, but then they must worry about separate installations, licensing and training. Then they need to develop custom integrations between all the various systems to leverage their marketing information. And when the various products upgrade, they need to revisit all those headaches again.

With OnePlace, the features are already integrated, and firms can incrementally implement features as needed without incurring huge expenses and the related internal process of getting funding. And while separate “best of breed” products may have broader feature sets that we don’t have, OnePlace provides the core functionality that firms require, and we’re always listening to our clients to improve and add more functionality. Our product provides ease of implementation, reduces cost and offers integrated marketing functionality.

Ability to customize the solution

Second, OnePlace is easily customizable. Because of the underlying Salesforce platform, we have the capability of adapting the tool to meet the client’s needs rather than the client having to adapt their processes to meet the product’s capabilities. One of the reasons I was successful with other CRM platforms is that I was able to adapt their structure to meet most of our needs. But it often required some external SQL programming to manipulate the data. With OnePlace you don’t have to do this. After our workshops our clients get the fields they need to track, labels that adopt their nomenclature, and workflows that can help automate processes.

There are other benefits as well; the experience of our staff, reduced costs, ability to easily integrate with external data sources, a platform designed specifically for law firms & professional services, frequent upgrades, high level of customer service, and the inherent benefit of the underlying SalesForce platform. This is why I get so excited to be working for OnePlace as it expands its presence in law firms around the world.

Originally published on LinkedIn